With the era of technology growing strongly and the gaming movement spreading from young people, a good cheap gaming computer always has an attractive power for gamers. But choosing how to own a computer with good configuration, cheap price, not every gamer knows. So today let’s find out An Computer!

The problem of gamers when buying a gaming computer

To choose buy a gaming computer good always requires gamers to have a choice of balances in sync and harmony between the components for the machine to operate smoothly during use

A Gaming computer have extremely strong CPU and RAM but the video card is weak or RAM, strong VGA card but the power and weak CPU also do not guarantee the synchronization in the configuration, resulting in not as smooth gaming as desire. So what are the common gamers’ problems when buying a gaming computer?

• Your device configuration is not strong enough to play the latest games

• Budget is tight, but you want a great configuration computer

• You have money but don’t know how to build a computer that is good enough to play games?

• Do not know where to buy reputable, quality, cheap gaming computers?

Issues to keep in mind when buying a gaming computer

Unlike the type of computer used for office work, the configuration of a gaming computer is often composed and supported by many special components, helping gamers have the best experience when fighting game.

From RAM, CPU, APU to supporting components, accessories, a gaming computer is always built in a synchronized and scientific way that not all gamers know.

Choose a computer with better quality than appearance

A sleek, sleek and sleek computer is not necessarily a powerful enough computer for the best gaming experience. Sometimes not by a gaming computer range of about 4-5 million

In fact, any product, the appearance is just a surface that impresses users, and the quality of the product depends on the internal components of the computer

Note when choosing a gaming computer:

“Do not pay attention to the computer looks glossy”

However, this does not mean that you should not choose to buy a stylish computer. Depending on the personality and preferences of each gamer, the original form will surely impress you. It makes you excited and stimulates you to immerse yourself in the game experience.

The investment in the appearance of computers is also a necessity and is currently invested quite sophisticatedly. But if you do not have too much money, instead of spending too much on it, focus on the “core” inside the system is better.

Build computers that are easy to replace and upgrade when needed

If you want a computer that can play many top-notch games but is confined in a limited computer configuration, build yourself a gaming PC strong enough to satisfy the gaming experience interesting.

However, to be able to build yourself a quality computer, you need to ensure many elements of financial conditions as well as the ability to understand to be able to assemble components in a compatible and harmonious way. .

Before building a computer, you need to determine the needs to use to choose the computer components that fit the configuration you want, check the compatibility of components in the machine, see if they have any conflict or not, this is a process that will take a lot of your time.

To ensure the best quality of the new computer assembly, you should choose genuine, branded parts manufactured by reputable manufacturers with good warranty. At the same time, thoroughly research the product information, read the user manual before installation to avoid unnecessary risk factors.

Select the computer configuration that is appropriate for the game

Each new game now requires a different computer configuration, such as the legendary league gaming computer that requires a minimum of I3 CPU core generation 4 or higher, 8g Ram memory and video card, Discrete VGA minimum 4g new generation, DirectX: Version 11 and 220d ss.

In case you are a gamer who likes to play many different online games, and then build the configuration for the game that requires the highest configuration. A good quality gaming desktop computer should pay attention to the following components:

• CPU: Processor

• Main board: Motherboard

• SSD: Standard SSD storage hard drive

• VGA: A video card that specializes in games and graphics

• RAM: Internal memory

• UPS: Computer power

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